J. M. Croy         Original Oil Paintings  Impressionistic oil paintings 
Orignal paintings

  Beginning Painting in Oil and Acrylics Classes taught by Jane

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Original Artwork by J. M. Croy



Welcome to my online art gallery.   For my friends, family, former patrons and new guests, I humbly present some of the pieces I have created over the years.   In order to show a larger representation of many of the pieces I have created, I have included some of my earlier pieces that have been sold.   I apologize for any frustration this may cause when you have found "that perfect piece" for your home or office only to find that it is currently unavailable, but rest assured that as I continue to paint, there will be more paintings  from which to choose. And though I do not duplicate my work, I can offer prints or similar commissioned pieces.   Enjoy.






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