J. M. Croy         Original Oil Paintings  Impressionistic oil paintings 

NEW! Come paint alongside Jane every Thursday at Navy Lake in Millington, Tn.   Jane will be working on her current piece in a beautiful lodge surrounded by the waters of Navy Lake.   Bring your own supplies and easel and the piece you are currently painting.   If you need help, for the nominal fee of $5 per person, Jane will assist you with suggestions, critiques or directions for your next move.   This is not a full lesson, just a way to get a little help on your next creative project.  No charge if you choose just to paint with no advice. Time is 1:30 until 3:30 each Thursday.   Reservatiions recommended by emailing Jane at [email protected]

You can schedule a workshop or demonstration for your group or organization by contacting Jane at [email protected].   Reasonable fees to work within your budget and lots of information and fun.   Workshops can be in acrylic paint, oil paint, or both for beginners to advanced students.  Workshops are also available for the "business of art".   Learn to create your own show(s) and/or sell and price your art using her 5 method process.  Click "Classes" for individual opportunities to learn to paint with Jane Croy.




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