J. M. Croy         Original Oil Paintings  Impressionistic oil paintings 

Oct. 29 - 30, Jane will be demonstrating her palette knife painting techniques at the American Sideshow Gallery in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.  

"This is an exciting Smoky Mountain art gallery that has chosen  to display my artwork.   I'm truely excited to share my paintings and show off some fun palette knife techniques with artists and art lovers in the Gatlinburg area during this beautiful fall season"

Nov. 4 at Broad Art Walk in Memphis, Tennessee, Jane will have a one night only show and personal appearance.   The show is  titled "Do-Overs" and is an entirely new fun series of thrift store art renewed and repainted with Jane's own personal embellishments.   "Savvy?"( a renewed thrift store painting) pictured below. 
          "I've often painted over my own old artwork or old paintings I find at the thrift store just for the sake of needing to paint when I didn't have a blank canvas.   Often, parts of the old painting would peak through and give surprising colors and textures to my artwork.   Lately, I've been drawn to the discarded " masterworks " of previous artists either unknown or infamous, with a new eye as to how these piece could have a second life.   These pieces have been so much fun to re-create.   I hope you enjoy them as much as I have."











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