J. M. Croy         Original Oil Paintings  Impressionistic oil paintings 

pa280001_400Yes, I can paint big.  This was a flat I was painting to help out my oldest son, Richard who is the set director of the Oak Ridge, Tenn. Community Theatre.

00000004_400A scene from my one man show entitled "Road Trip" at Artists on Central Art Gallery in Memphis, Tenn.

00000001_400The refreshment table from my one man show in June of 2007. 

           hpim0575_400My good friend and fellow artist, Mary Winger-Bowman and I discuss one of my pieces.

hpim0345_400_02Three great artists, my son Lucien Croy, me and my cousin Hunter Jay.   

        hpim0342_400Family and friends were onhand to see my work at a recent group show featuring family members who paint.   My cousin Hunter Jay (please google his name) was also in the show.  
 gallery_music_400My work as seen behind the musician during a performance at the Artists on Central Art Gallery.

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