J. M. Croy         Original Oil Paintings  Impressionistic oil paintings 
Book Information

Are you ready to take your artwork from the studio to the public?   Jane reveals the "tips and tricks" to becoming a successful SELLING ARTIST in her book, The $even $teps to $elling Your Artwork.   Sharing ideas from her own experiences and the experiences of hundreds of successful selling artists, Jane has assembled this knowledge into SEVEN STEPS including proper PRICING and PRESENTATION for everyone from friends and family to major art galleries.   This book is a "must have" for all aspiring artists on their way to renown.   Are you ready to take that next step?

Jane's book can be purchased at Xanadu Book Store in Memphis, Tennessee or online at Amazon.com. 

You can also follow Jane's writings about her artwork at JanesPerspective.blogspot.com.

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